Inventive Media’s hosting server and services are managed by Vistabeam Wireless Internet Service of Gering, Nebraska.

Vistabeam’s team is there to help with your hosting questions or concerns.

Contact them at (308) 635-9434 or toll-free at (888) 251-0920


Don’t let our small size fool you. We provide the best rock-solid technology for your website hosting available:

LAMP: The foundation for the best website hosting solution in existence. It is the glue that holds the biggest and best websites on the Internet together. Literally, it refers to Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. What that means to you is that your website will be dynamic, scalable and reliable.

Email: Using your domain name in your email address is one of the best ways to advertise your company. We take the accessibility, security and dependability of your email very seriously. We’ve partnered with Vistabeam high speed Internet so that your hosting accounts are managed by email experts. Nobody has to be more responsible for the health of email accounts than an ISP and you will have access to their full team of resources for email support, spam filtering, and web-based email.

Statistics: You have a reason for communicating to the world with your website. We provide the tools for you to monitor just how well your message is getting out there. Your site will have a powerful analyzer that provides you with vast statistics about your site – graphically.


Premium (50 email accounts)

$295.95 annually

$74.85 quarterly

$24.95 monthly

Standard (20 email accounts)

$175.95 annually

$14.95 monthly